Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

This site is one of about 200 sites I have put up and it reflects just my own opinion, probably of interest to no one but myself. 

If you feel the driving need to contact me you should go take a long nap and when you wake up hopefully you will have forgotten all about it, but if not then you can reach me at: USA30152@aol.com

My political views are stuck in the 1960's with Barry Goldwater and they have not changed over the years.  I was, am and always will be an original 'conservative'.  

Note that is not the conservative ideals of today.  The term was hijacked about 10-15 years ago by the nut cases of the right wing of the Republican party.  I am still an original conservative, but it seems that the goal posts were moved on me.

Some of today's 'conservatives' are just as nutty as the wack jobs of the Democratic Left, like Michael Moore and Mr. Soros. 

What else do I find to bitch and moan about?

A local newspaper who litters 26 counties

(2017, yeah I know it is a bit out of date but he is still an asshole so the site stays up)
A political comment on the President

A Mosque opening in our community

A former attorney of mine, now in jail

A rip off utility company
One of many apt complexes run by Concord Mgmt

A poor retail company

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